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Drain Cleaning

Prevent buildup and blockages by cleaning your drains regularly. For tough to reach blockages, we offer cabling and hydro jetting.

Drain Cleaning Services

Best choice drain clearing services starting at just $89!

Drain blockages happen for a variety of reasons. Grease, hair, tree roots, sludge and other substances can build up over time and create clogs. In order to eliminate the blockage, we may need to cable your drain or hydro jet the drain pipe in more serious circumstances. In extremely clogged drains, we recommend our camera line inspections to determine the extent of the blockage. We also offer dvds of the findings on our camera, upon request.

Drain Cable Clearing

Best choice drain clearing services starting at just $89!

When drain clogs require more than over-the-counter drain cleaners or plunging, a cable clearing can get things moving again. Drain cabling removes tough blockages like hair and waste that build up in drains over time. Our drain clearing services start at $89. We serve all of San Diego county and offer 24/7 emergency service.

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Hydro Jetting

High Pressure Drain Cleaning Removes Stubborn Clogs

Grease can coat drains and resemble a clogged artery if left untreated. In these situations, hydro jetting is the solution. High pressure drain cleaning removes grease buildup as well as removing tough blockages like tree roots that sometimes penetrate drain lines. Hydro jetting is also a preferred method of clearing smaller pipes that cabling can’t service.