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Best Choice Drains and Plumbing installs and repairs grease traps for businesses around San Diego county.

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Grease Trap Installation & Repair

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Grease traps prevent grease and oil from entering the wastewater system. These units are typically installed underneath the sink in restaurant and commercial applications. Grease traps intercept the grease and oil from the day's food prep in large kitchens and restaurants. Without grease traps, grease buildup would cause major problems with a business or city's plumbing in just a few months. If these traps aren't maintained, grease and oil can overwhelm a plumbing system and cause major sewage spills and problems for the business including possible fines and/or food permit revocations from the city.

For over 17 years, Best Choice Drains and Plumbing has worked closely with San Diego restaurants and hotels repairing and installing grease traps. If you're having a grease trap installed, its important to consider the amount of grease your company will produce now and in the future. Burger or pizza restaurants produce more grease than vegetarian restaurants. Our friendly, expert technicians will make sure that your grease traps are setup to handle your output. Just having your grease traps serviced? Our licensed technicians will ensure that they are clear and in working order. Don't let broken grease traps halt your business, call Best Choice today!