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Quest Polybutylene

Quest polybutylene pipes were mostly installed in coastal San Diego homes. Best Choice Drains and Plumbing will replace Quest systems that have failed since their installation.

quest polybutylene plumbing repair san diego
Quest Has Been Discontinued Due to High Rate of Failure

Pipe replacement services for homes with Quest piping

Quest is a type of plumbing system that was commonly installed in homes and businesses in the 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, this code-approved flexible pipe was a top seller because it was cheaply made and easy to install. Quest is most commonly found in the coastal areas of San Diego like Pacific Beach and Mission Beach.

At some point during the 90s, Quest systems began to fail. Leaky fittings were a major problem because unlike copper pipes, Quest did not require soldering fittings onto the pipe. Another major problem with Quest was sunlight. During a build, polybutylene pipes would be exposed to sunlight for days on end before installation. UV weakens polybutylene and as a result, the pipes would not last long once they were installed. Polybutylene is also weakened by chemicals like chlorine and solvents.

Quest Replacement

If Quest has caused leaking or floods in your home, Best Choice Drains and Plumbing will replace damaged polybutylene pipes with copper pipes. We perform on-the-spot repairs for wall leaks. Our state licensed, expert technicians have over 17 years of experience in replacing Quest systems in San Diego county. Call us today for more information about replacing Quest in your home.