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chula vista water pressure regulator repair

Water Pressure Regulator Repair & Replacement

Is your water pressure regulator going bad? It’s easy to test water pressure at home with a simple test gauge from your local hardware store, or we can test your water pressure for you! More than 80PSI can damage major appliances (water heaters, fridges, dish washers, etc.) and less than 40PSI causes low water pressure. Generally, we suggest a pressure setting of 65-70PSI, 10-15PSI lower if you want to increase your water efficiency and lower your water bills.

water pressure regulator repair san diego

Fix Your Regulator & Prevent Future Leaks

Faulty water pressure regulators are the leading cause of plumbing failures in San Diego! A water pressure regulator is a valve that controls the water pressure coming into your home or business from the main line in your neighborhood. Typically, the city’s water pressure will have a much higher pressure than is rated for home plumbing systems. High water pressure surging through a worn regulator can cause floods, corrode faucets, burst pipes and overload water heaters. Without a water pressure regulator, plumbing fixtures will have a substantially shortened life span. Best Choice Drains and Plumbing installs and repairs water pressure regulators for homes and businesses in San Diego. If you’re experiencing multiple leaky faucets, flooding, burst pipes or corroded fixtures, our friendly expert technicians will inspect your water pressure regulator and install or replace if necessary.

  • Call Us If:
  • Water pressure surges when faucets are turned on.
  • Your water heater has been recently replaced.
  • Showers, faucets, toilets, hot water relief valves or other fixtures leak.
  • Too much or fading water pressure.
  • Too much or too little water flow.
  • Pipes that bang, vibrate or chatter.

If your water pressure regulator is worn out, we can replace it with a new one. As pressure regulators reach the end of their service life, they lose the ability to regulate water pressure. This causes surging when faucets are turned on and can lead to appliance failures - most often hot water heater failures which result in flooding. Rather than wait for the worst to happen, have your pressure regulator fixed by our expert team of plumbing technicians.

We’re San Diego’s Best Choice For Professionally Installed Water Pressure Regulators

Best Choice Drains and Plumbing proudly serves all of San Diego county. Our veteran and family owned business takes pride in providing exceptional plumbing service. Our friendly, expert technicians are state licensed and certified to handle any plumbing need a home or business may face. Call us today for more information about water pressure regulator installation and repair.

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Water Pressure Regulator Repair Reviews

"Great Experience"

I decided to call Best Choice based on their YELP reviews and it was a great experience! Marco arrived early and ready. We are selling our home and during the inspection, a leak was found with an infrared camera. Marco was able to see that the toilet ring was leaking upstairs and was prepared to fix it. Marco was extremely patient and explained everything to us and to the new buyer who was also here. We are planning on using them on our new home since we got such great service. Thank you Best Choice and Marco!!

-Michelle V

"Great, Local Plumbing Company"

Just a great, local, plumbing company. I would definitely recommend Best Choice Plumbing Services to anyone in the area. They were polite, efficient, quick and professional all the things you expect from a plumber... They fixed my garbage disposal, leaky faucet. Their prices are fair and showed up at the exact time they said they would. No hidden fees, and just great service. I recommend these guys for anyone needing a plumber, big jobs or little

-Yuri S.

"So Glad To Have Found Best Choice"

So glad to have found Best Choice! They are fast, professional and fixed our kitchen sink problem right away. Previous plumber didn't even diagnose the problem correctly, charged for necessary work and left us stuck for months with confusion and agony. What a relief in finding a friendly, trustworthy plumber. Definitely will ask them for future help. Thank you so much!

-Jose C
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